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Stapleford Stud, Stapleford Airfield, Near Romford,RM4 1SJ

Stapleford Hackney        



Our mares share their year 'round grazing with the continuous sound from  aircraft  at their nosiest at the threshold of  Runway  03 where the planes rev up to maximum engine power pre-take off as well as the low flight path of  daily  helicopters.  Behind their grazing paddock is a large woodland where every weekend a Paint Ball Company operate with the endless sound of pop pop gunfire. When you purshase a foal from Stapleford you can be rest assured they are familar with unusual noises making them easy to introduce to harness work driving down todays busy roads

Our herd are fed daily throughout the winter and Spring with best quality short feed and organic hay to ensure tip top condition for trouble free foaling and to maintain the mares condition throughout the severe winters. Our foals are weaned late winter  to allow for extended herd socialisation and to have the extra benefit of its mothers milk

Stapleford Brood mares

We have a varied selection for sale this summer with some quality pony foals available as well as pure bred horses of various ages,also some potential childrens and larger event type part bred horses to bring on-, pop down and have a look -no obligation but please phone first