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Stapleford Stud, Stapleford Airfield, Near Romford,RM4 1SJ

Stapleford Hackney        


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Jack Brennan driving Stapleford Duke

Georgina Turners first riding lesson

John Chicken

Jack Brennan Georgina Turner

History of the

     The Stapleford Stud was founded in 1969 on the historical WW2 airfield in Essex. Perfect flat grass runways and noisy aircraft replicated the atmosphere of The Showground to produce animals "down to their job" on the day. My first trainer was the infamous Irishman Jack Brennan, a colorful character who strived for perfection in his recruits, who lived for the show season and wouldn't suffer fools be it human or horse. Sadly Jack was only with me for 10 years and I owe him a lot for guiding towards the successes of the stud today.

     I have always had a passion for ponies and have been lucky to have owned and bred some of the best in the show ring. I admire their courage and determination and I have been lucky to have used some talented whips to produce them for me namely Georgina Turner whom produced successfully for me for around 25 years and whom along with her husband Brian have a rare gift to be able to produce an animal throughout the year exhibiting the same freshness and enthusiasm as if it be his very first appearance in the ring.Georgina had some prolific wins with Stapleford little Bonfire and Flashwood Vulcan

    I was lucky to have met and used the late Dennis Midgely to produce up North for me my very successful pony Kilveton Manor George. Dennis was another gifted horseman which unfortunately today is a very rare commodity.

    Although I have shown very few horses I have owned and bred some fabulous stock. The late Tommy Hoadley of the Theydon stud was a good pal of mine and I used his foundation stallion Suddie Scintillation many a time in the early days.

    My passion for all types of breeds has allowed me the opportunity to diversify with the hackney blood with some very successful results in the Show ring, I have seen my part breds produced for dressage, eventing, trade and private driving with much success.  I have been honored to have been given the role of an International    Judge of Hackneys and have been privileged to have made some good friends as far away as South Africa who share the same enthusiasm and produce a Show animal as equal in performance  to our own in Britain. I hope to continue my successes in breeding  and showing this magnificent horse in many years to come